Perhaps that “good men” are not named or held up is the cause for the vacuum. Perhaps it allows the others to rise to power, despite notoriety. Time to fill the vacuum. In terms of Presidential power, Jimmy Carter is a good place to start. Men need to find a way to name good men too. Somehow it is more challenging for them.

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Well put, Joan. I agree with you.

Men that act out are often rewarded. And our culture is unfortunately hooked on the "highway accident" version of everything rather than focusing on what is beautiful and worth celebrating.

Where we all put our attention matters -- as you said, "time to fill the vacuum"!

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Thank you for sharing your experience of your father — he sounds lovely. As does your husband. I love the way you are spotlighting these gentle and compassionate men and appreciate them for how they respect you as a woman.

I’d also like to offer a perspective — that patriarchy is only problematic when fueled by domination, hyper-competition and violence. I can imagine a benevolent patriarchy just as I can imagine a benevolent matriarchy, and vice versa.

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